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Happy Independence Day SUOMI!

Some random shots from the past few years…

Every time I wear the FINLAND-jersey, I feel extremely proud that I have got the honour to be selected to represent my country. I still remember the excitement of the first time in 2011 when I was running in the national team, and I still can feel the same feeling, even though I have got this amazing chance several times during the past years! Every athlete’s dream is to represent their own country in an international competition, and I am so grateful that my dreams have become true so many times already… Hopefully there are even more wonderful opportunities ahead! #RoadtoRIO !!


I am proud of my roots, and proud of that I can tell people about my culture and all the amazing (and weird) stuff that we Finns have and do! Thank you SUOMI! Thank you VETERANS! Today I and the other Finnish Bronco Emma Hyyppa  will make some Karelian Pies to celebrate our 98-year-old Motherland, yummy…!


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