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Stanford Twilight



4.28,76 for 1500m was a disappointment, even though it was just 0.09 seconds off from my PR. Why? Because I know I could have done so much better. My workouts have been fast and I know it is inside me. But in the race, I was afraid to go for it early enough. The pace felt easy but I knew the girls I was running against had PRs so much faster than mine, so a tiny voice in my head told me I wasn’t supposed to beat them. I made a move just 500m before the finish line, but it was too late. I felt fresh after the race, and I was mad at myself… And then I did a long cool down to actually cool down my anger.. However, if I look the positive side, at this point of the season I’m running a 1500m time that has been usual in the previous seasons when I have been peaking – that means the best is yet to come!

Next weekend it’s Payton Jordan and finally I get to steeple!

♡: Minttu

Photos: Scott Elliott