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MW Conference 1/2

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My Coach knows what he is talking about. If I listen to him, the result is usually good, but if I don’t, the result is something else… Like yesterday. It’s been quite hot and windy here in Fresno. Yesterday was the steeplechase race, and I had only one thing in my mind: to get the Regional Qualifier, no matter what. Coach told me to stay in the pack until the last kilometer and then run for the win, but I didn’t want to take a risk of running a slow time that wouldn’t be enough to qualify. So I kept my mind and paced the entire race, until the wind was too much, and 500m before the finish I just couldn’t find the second gear anymore. I finished second, which was disappointing, and ran a time of 10.14, which was even more disappointing, though it was enough to get to run in the Regional meet in a couple of weeks. What annoys me the most is that I didn’t feel too exhausted in the finish, but I just couldn’t pull the kick anymore. If I had listened to my Coach, I probably could have run a faster time and even win the race. But I have to be grateful that I got to race after the health problems I had during the past couple of weeks. And it was fun!! I will still compete in 5k today, we will see how that ends up..! I am ready to run faster in the Regionals and hopefully qualify to the Nationals, too….


Trust yourself. Trust your Coach. Trust the process.




Photos: Scott Elliott



Kirjoittaja: Minttu

A 24-year-old Finnish runner for Idaho Distance Project and Helsingin Kisa-Veikot. Boise State and Tennessee track alumna. Exercise Physiologist (B.S. 2018, M.S. 2020).


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