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Why the long silence

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it’s been a while since the last time I wrote anything in here! It’s finally the time for the Spring Break again, so when there is no assignments due in the near future I decided to take some time and come here to tell how the things are going in my life.

These past 12 months have been like a rollercoaster ride with several ups and downs. After struggling with Mycoplasma pneumoniae all spring and summer, I returned to Boise to run cross country for my team with zero expectations. Well, the season was everything but spectacular, and I just rather forget everything that happened last fall. After the season, I took a good two-week-break and healed my inflamed foot and irritated lungs. I got back to training motivated to come back stronger for the indoor season. I flew home for the Christmas break, and trained hard for a few weeks until the ”shit hit the fan”, and the snowball started to roll downhill again.

What I first thought was an IT-band syndrome or bursitis turned out to be something more severe… Femoral shaft stress fracture. Me and my ambitious attempt to get back to ”normal” cost the entire indoor season, and at least the first part of the outdoor season, too. I was devastated for a while, until I decided that crying over it won’t make things any better. I decided that I am going to make the most out of this setback, and this time actually return stronger than ever. I decided that I would make a ’debut’ instead of a ’comeback’, because I was planning on being a completely different athlete when I finally get to lace up again. I decided to take time for myself, enjoy the journey, and trust and follow the plan.


Crazy, but I feel like this injury has actually been a blessing in disguise. After crying over it for a while, I realized that I need to change my perspective in athletics or my career will cut short. Suffering from the Mycoplasma pneumoniae last summer helped me to understand how important running is to me, but this stress fracture marked a turning point in my training. I keep damaging my future with stupid decisions and overtraining. I go from one injury to another when I try way too hard to reach my goals. Obviously injuries suck, but I have got so much help and support from many people during this journey, and have started to heal both mentally and physically. Thanks Tyler, Madison, Coaches, Monna, Irina, Dana-jean, My family; and some great friends who stuck around even during the hardest of times. I have got so much help and started to take steps towards right direction. Of course it is hard to ditch an old habit, but I consciously try to make the smart decisions and stick to them.


I am actually feeling like this season might still turn out to be a good one for me. I feel stronger than ever, I have trained smarter (even though it has just been cross training), and I have a different attitude towards the entire sport. I think I am in a pretty good shape from cross training – I am a damn good cross trainer to say so (ha!). However, the goal is not to get hurt anymore. The goal is to take better care of myself and being consistent. I am taking small steps towards changing my old bad habits, and I know I am constantly going towards the right direction; even when I sometimes take a step backwards, it is usually followed by two forward! I am constantly trying to improve and learn to listen to my body and to love myself more.



At the moment, I am just on the third week of the ’back to running protocol’, and I seriously feel so good and excited! Now it is critical to be paaaatiiieeeeeent and listen to my body even more carefully. I feel strong and happy and can’t wait to be back at it 100%. Today I will do my first run on the concrete, and I am beyond excited to run on the lovely Greenbelt here in Boise.
The long silence in my blog has not only been due to the injuries and setbacks that have made me feel low. Frankly, I haven’t felt like writing about them until now when I am finally fine with them and processed them with myself. However, there is also another reason for the silence: the fact that I am simply way too busy with school! I really haven’t had time to sit down and write anything else but my papers, as I am going to graduate next spring (woohooo!), which has made me extra busy..!

Have a lovely week!
• Minttu •

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A 24-year-old Finnish runner for Idaho Distance Project and Helsingin Kisa-Veikot. Boise State and Tennessee track alumna. Exercise Physiologist (B.S. 2018, M.S. 2020).


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